Any Idiot Can Do It

electroluxI am absolutely sure that Electrolux had constructed the washing machine so that after a certain number of pulls, the door handle would break. Strangely, this number was reached the first time used the machine. I ordered a spare part for an undisclosed amount of kronor, thinking that I could at least avoid bringing a technician into the apartment, since I’ve heard that just getting them to show up costs ten times the undisclosed amount of kronor.

The spare part arrived today, without any instructions whatsoever. The machine was obviously designed so it wouldn’t give any hints to the aspiring handyman-for-a-day. I guess the philosophy is that if you start handing out hints, you become liable for all sorts of horrible water damages. On the other hand they must realize that if they send the parts, then people will undoubtedly give it a go, which supports the argument that Electrolux should still be considered morally responsible for the outcome.

So I, like any other sane person, gave it a go. My only companion was a half-mute Dutch person on YouTube, doing something to a machine that looked vaguely like the one I was tinkering with. And folks, it is now repaired. It’s easy. Any idiot can do it. Don’t call anyone. Do it yourself. Stick it to the handyman.


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