Complaining – it’s worth it

479px-Persea_americana_fruit_2Today, I’ve earned 500 kr + two avocados just by complaining. The reason for the first complaint was a loud, clattering noise coming in the rental car I used when I moved to Stockholm. The noise was only triggered when you drove at speeds above 110 km/h, but it was enough to make listening to the radio impossible and me furious. The guys at the rental office hadn’t managed to reproduce the noise on the motorway, but they still gave me a healthy refund, assuming that I spoke nothing but the truth.

The other complaint sprung from my lunch salad bought at a grocery store. The avocado pieces in it, admittedly picked by myself from the salad bar, had an unpleasant taste, maybe stemming from the  fact that they were frozen. I instantly marched back to the grocery store. “They come as frozen”, the shop assistant said. I thought that it was a weak excuse, so I persisted. “Well, if it is avocados you want, you can go get some from the fruit and vegetable department.” I clenched my fist in a victory reflex and walked towards the avocados, knowing that I had done a good day’s work.

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