London Popfest 2012

After some minor wrangling back and forth, Cats on Fire will play at the Bull & Gate in London on the 23rd of February. The night is part of the London Popfest, which takes place at various venues around London from the 23rd to the 26th of February. It will be our first UK gig in quite a while. Other bands playing that night are MJ Hibbett, One Happy Island and The School. Check the concert section for more details.

Check the London Popfest website for more info on the other nights.

5 comments to London Popfest 2012

  • Pamina

    You were absolutely sensational this evening! Thank you for coming to London and come back soon again!

  • steve

    Yes completely sensational. The new song My Sense of Pride is a masterpiece and the musical interlude after the bridge was a timeless uber-cool rockabilly moment. What time does that tube to Turku leave?

  • Mattias

    Thank you!

  • Mattias

    Steve, the Mannerheim Line hasn’t opened yet. Budget problems.

  • Bart

    I can but second what the others have said : your gig made me feel all goosebumpy, it was so wonderful ! And going on those new songs you played this new album will be way up there in my list of favourite albums (of this year and any year).
    Lovely to meet you Mattias !

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