Here’s the Title, the Art, A New Song and Gigs

I’m not first to the ball here, which is a missed opportunity for me. I had the story first, but I just haven’t been able to nail the article.  Now the story has already broken. I blew it. Some guy in fucking Finland beat me to it. Now I’m sitting here, with night shift people already in, still hammering out the lead. My editor will be furious. Thing is, I can’t fucking remember how to write a lead. Most important first. Well what is? Finns with music… get me something real, get me a murder or I will get one myself. Alright alright, here goes…

The third album of Finnish group Cats on Fire will be called All Blackshirts to Me. It will be released in Scandinavia on the 28th of March by Soliti through Playground, with international releases following shortly after. The group also released a song called A Few Empty Waves for free download and streaming.

Now, let’s see. What’s the character count? Oh God, let this day be over.

There is no word as of yet… as of yet, that’s me adding unneccessary words right there. Yet. Just yet. There is no word yet… well, then why am I writing, that’s not news then! Ok, some gigs coming up… in Finland. Sigh. Well, I’ll just list them, the editor can put it in one of his fucking pale, yellow boxes.

23.2.2012 London Popfest, Bull & Gate (UK)
30.3.2012 Dynamo, Turku 30.3.2012 (FI)
6.4.2012 Radio Helsinki Club, Kudes Linja , Helsinki (Album launch Show) (FI)
12.5.2012 Korjaamo, Helsinki (FI)
19.5.2012 HTDJ!, Klubi, Tampere (FI)
14.7.2012 Island In The Sun, Jurmo, Åland (FI)

Ok, one more sentence, one more sentence. Ah, the artwork. The cover photo for All Blackshirts to Me is shot and staged by Noora Isoeskeli, while the layout and type are work by Karolina Eriksson. That’s it, I’m out, done.



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