Summer Tour in Sweden!

Cats on Fire will play in the following Swedish municipalities in July: Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and Haninge. On Saturday, when I was waiting for my friends at the Jakob Hellman & Nerverna concert, someone shouted “Cats on fire!” with the follow-up question “Are you still playing?”. That’s always depressing to hear, since you realize your media strategy hasn’t quite panned out. It is true that we’ve always circled a bit aimlessly below the radar here in Sweden. We are still good though!

20/7: Debaser Slussen, Stockholm
21/7: Jazzhuset, Göteborg
27/7: Debaser, Malmö
28/7: Special set at the Cosy Den festival on the Saturday of the Cosy Den Festival, Haninge.

Those who have followed us through the years know our special relationship with Cosy Den and we are very proud that we are still considered good enough to be on the bill.

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