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  • Flo

    Are you still out there?

  • Rebecca

    Hello and greetings from the US. I just discovered your music a few months ago and have been listening regularly ever since. You guys definitely remind me of The Smiths. Thank you for being awesome. :)

  • Flo

    I feel lonely.
    Please use Hamburg again.

  • Al

    Like Alina I live in Mexico and would give a lot of money to see you live. My expectations are realistic, however, so I suppose traveling across the world is going to be the real option. Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do!

  • Alina

    I’m in love with your music! Can’t explain… I’ll just say thank you! I want so bad to see you live,… Paris maybe? I live in Mexico but I’ll be for a year in France…it would be great to see you there! Or make my way to Finland! Greetings and love

  • Mattias

    Pamina, we’ve been quiet, but nothing drastic has happened. We’re still alive. Don’t know about London, although it is something we’d like to do soon.

  • Pamina

    You’ve gone very quiet for months… What’s happened? I have very selective tastes for music and only like the best of the best. Since yesterday’s Tristan and Isolde at the Covent Garden was disappointing, I crave for good music! When re you coming to London next?

  • theoasislad

    No upcoming gigs in Helsinki (or anywhere)? Heaven knows I’m miserable now.

  • Άρης

    Greetings from Greece. I (still) can’t stop listening to your music.

    Please record more music :)

  • keijo

    Hello from sweden and blessing over you all in grace and let the lord give favor and so rich life with Christ and be great men and women of God to making his will always like David did in old testaments ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

  • Flo

    Please check out venue “Hasenschaukel” for next time in Hamburg.

  • Steffie

    Greetings from Germany, your music is ADORABLE! Simply wonderful <3

  • Mattias

    I wonder that too! In the autumn, perhaps?

  • Flo

    When will I see you back in Hamburg?

  • Pierrot

    Hey. Greetings from Brazil. I’m a huge fan of Cats on Fire, and would love to see you guys playing your fantastic music in South America. You’re amazing.

  • Mattias & guys, I’ve enjoyed you yesterday at Napoli concert and you were fantastic!! I’m your fan since I first heard The smell of an artist, and I know that critics, even loving your music, often compare you to Morrissey and the Smiths, that is a very good thing in my opinion! the point is that, after seeing Mattias yesterday, I finally understood who is his real inspiration!!
    As we say in Italy, separated at birth!!
    Anyway, thanks for coming to southern Italy, and I really hope you will come again!

  • Mattias

    Thanks, that’s heart-warming!

  • Gerd

    Guys, I love your albums. 2:41 into The End of Straight Street my eyes start filling with tears, no matter how often I listen to it. So, call this a spontaneous post – your melancholy is euphorigenic. Hope that’s not an insult. You should come to Belgium, the Ancienne Belgique is the kind of place that really should have you play.

  • Mattias

    Hello and thank you for your questions!

    I think one answer to the first one would be Leevi and the Leavings – “Häntä koipien välissä”. Admittedly in Finnish, but a great pop album nonetheless. It’s from 1988, I think. I really like the songs and the production.

    Yes, there’s also “The Hague” from the same session:



  • Lukas

    Hiya, I love your band. Your instrumentation, lovely and catchy melodies – just perfect. One of the best music experience I have had. I have two questions for you. If you could answer it would be great. First question is:

    1) Would you reccomend me some album which you love and is similar to your album “Our Temperance Movement”? This album is perfect and I would appreciate some reccomendation from you. I have no intention to promote in your webpage other bands. Just want to know what you love and is similar to this album :-)

    2) I found your acoustic version of “The Borders of this Land” and it was perfect. Do you have any other acoustic songs recorded (from that appartment)?

    Have a nice day and wish you the best

    Your fan

  • Javier

    Greetings from Los Angeles! I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan, I own three of your albums that I listen to constantly. I would love to see you guys live, unfortunately, you weren’t playing when I visited Finland. Any plans on coming stateside again anytime soon?

  • Pedro Burgo

    Any tabs of the “All Blackshirts To Me” Album.Would be great if you uploaded some of them to the website you pointed to me. That way anyone could access. Just for your consideration. Thanks anyway for your answer Mattias.

  • Mattias

    There are a few to be found here, but I must warn you – they are not completely correct. Is there something you’ve been wondering about?

  • Pedro

    I can’t explain how much I love your last LP. I’m looking forward to see you when you come back to Vigo. Where I can find the tabs of your songs?

  • Marie

    I “found” your music last year and had a chance to see you play at Tavastia in January. Really enjoyed the evening. One of the best things to come out of Finland lately! Keep up the good work x

  • Gino

    Hi! “1914 and beyond” has been playing in my head for days, just like “the smell of an artist” did some years ago. I am peruvian butI have been living in Finland (Oulu) for some years, however, I have never had the chance to attend your concerts, maybe one day, who knows. “All blackshirts to me” has left me totally spechless, it is just art at its finest. A perfect marriage between music and lyrics, a masterpice.

    Please, come to northern Finland one day, it would be great.

    Greetings from Uleåborg

  • Mattias

    Those are very kind words. Made my day. We’d love to come to Paris. Don’t know WHY we haven’t been there. Thanks. /Mattias

  • Christian

    Hey, I’m so glad to have just discovered there’s a new album out! I’m downloading it at the moment, excitedly. It’s the one album I have really been waiting for. Thanks!

    Greetings from Berlin

  • Stan

    I have discovered Cats on fire a few weeks ago.
    Strange to discover so late (12 years later) a band that becomes suddendly so important in your life.
    Your music is just magnificient.
    Please go on like that.
    Please come to France/Paris one day.
    A new fan,

  • Please please please come to Dresden again (or atleast Berlin)! I just discovered your band and fell in love right away and how I regret to know that you played in Dresden few months ago :( . Poor students dream of Marx is the most perfect companion to get through my exam week, and thanks for that! :) Once again, I really hope someday I’ll be seeing Cats on Fire live.

  • Julian

    Iiris is beautiful.

    I love Cats on fire.

  • Marcelo Kohler

    You will find me where you left me.. I am the white-mantled king.. A few empty waves.. If you must tell him.. The Hague.. they all carry on great poetry and a an unusual sense of harmony.. I really enjoy listening to your music. Cheers from Brazil.

  • Sille

    Hey guys,

    When will the Our Temperance Movement Canvas Bag be back in stock?? Hopefully soon, because I really want it!


  • Mattias

    Thanks, that means a lot!

  • Michael

    Hi, never heard of you guys before but i stumbled upon “Our Old Center Back”. Fantastic. I have no words. It’s perfect. Next time you’re in Berlin, i’m coming to the show. No matter where, no matter when.

  • Jacky

    Great lovely music… I love it.

  • Thanks so much for the lyrics Mattias,I’m grateful!I was feeling so melancholic lately that I got bored.Thank you for coming and bringing me happiness!I looooooooooooooove you! : )

  • Mattias

    I’ll put them up now, thanks for the support!

  • Perhaps the best album of 2012 along with the Frank & Walters one.
    Why can’t I have the lyrics as I downloaded it from Matinee? :(

  • Flo

    Thanks for your brilliant show on my birthday in Hamburg, Nachtasyl.
    Hope to see you soon.

    Discofox St. Pauli

  • Amanda

    Ser fram emot ert gig (eller er “keikka”) i München på fredag!

    Ha det kul och må bra! :)

  • Mattias

    That’s the spirit. We are on our way.

  • theoasislad

    Hey lads! I’ve been so happy lately I feel guilty. Can you please come and bring some melancholy in my life. A gig in Helsinki would do! Cheers!

  • Cecilie

    Greetings from Denmark! Will the awesome black tote bag with the bottle be available again some day soon??? I hope so! Cheers

  • Daphne

    Heey! Greetings from Chile, It would be great to see you playing a concert here :) you guys are amazing, love your music!

  • Franz

    Hej. Jeg kan se, at sidst I var i København, var i 2010. Har I planer om snart at gæste os igen? Nu kender jeg ikke specielt jeres “fanskare” i Danmark, men jeg, min ven og hans kæreste vil i hvert fald blive glade for en koncert. Desuden, er der chancer for at resten af teksterne, ud over de to jeg fandt, til “All blackshirts to me” bliver lagt op på siden? De bedste hilsener.

  • Sören

    Greetings from the physicists in germany, great music. Keep on going!

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