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  • Mattias

    Hej. Nej, inte ännu, men snart!

  • Martin Sthlm

    Går det att få tag i fler låtar ni spelade på Lasse i Parken? Den låten om Jakobstad var ju för övrigt helt fantastisk. Vad jag förstår ligger bara en ute på nätet!?

  • Matthew

    Hey guys, just finished my first listen of the new album, it came to my attention here in Brisbane, Australia via Collapse Board. It is truly outstanding and I’m gonna do my best to get my hands on the record.

    I was at Island In The Sun two years ago, I hope you have a blast there, it’s a lovely place to be. A very good friend (who I met at the festival) will be attending again this year and she has special instructions to check you out. I’m not holding my breath for an Australian tour anytime soon so my best chance is to live vicariously until you get crazy famous.

    Thanks for the sounds!

  • Mattias

    Yes, we have! Will be there in a couple of months.

  • Johannes

    Thank you for your great music! Do you have plans of making new t-shirts and canvas bags in the near future?

  • Mattias

    Cats on fire loves Dresden!

  • your new album is ace. i´m glad to know you. thanks

  • Mattias

    Yes! We will post the lyrics soon. Thanks for your kind words. I’d love to come to Russia, we’ll see what we can do.

  • Tati

    Guys, congrs on the amazing album!
    I’ve looked up and down trying to find lyrics of the new songs (Smash It to Pieces, particularly), but failed. Is there any chance that you will post it soon?
    Oh, what a great song (SITP), reminding me of a joyful parade or some king of an anthem, I just love it!

    The very best wishes from Russia with a never-ending hope to have you here one fine day)

  • Ronnie

    The new album has already stolen my heart…which is quite a feat due to the fact its the third time you’ve stolen it.
    Hope to see a return to San Francisco in the future. XOXO

  • Mattias

    I’d love to come to Portugal with some fresh currency to help your economy. I love your writing and I feel there’s an unexplored connection between Finland and Portugal.

  • I didn’t find them
    on the Poetry corner
    of Stockholm Library.

  • tree very important ‘Thinkers’, at the least.

    Luís Vaz de Camões
    Fernando Pessoa
    Agostinho da Silva

    as the Greeks have Homero.

  • On the third day of… ‘All Blackshirts To Me’

    The Greeks, yes. The greatest irony.
    But we should not be mislead,
    The problem is not on the others,
    the fuckin’ British, German or French,
    The problem is inside each society
    The problem is the human-being
    The greatest tragedy.

    The Portuguese should lid again,
    because we do it with heart and faith.

    Like a Poem,
    or a Fado
    We are in the dark
    But we should rise after the fall
    Hopefully, to fall again.

    I do anything
    to keep this in mind
    ‘a few empty waves’


  • I’m rapt.
    Surprised by the melody, quieter.
    the lyrics… the Portuguese !!! the end of time is months away…

    I need more time to listen, but I can say:
    Art thinks abouth his time and throw it to the future.

    Hugs, Francisco

  • Fernando


  • New Album!!! congratilations.
    Now I’m all ears.

    Cheers from Porto,

  • Mattias

    Hello Danny,

    Our Temperance Movement is the only LP currently available, but our new album All Blackshirts to Me will be available on LP via our German label Cargo.

  • Danny

    Hey :)

    I love you’r music, i hope see you guys play someday soon!!

    I bought recently your LP ”Our Temperance Movement” my favorite record…. I want found more of your records in this format, but is so hard :S you have any idea where found them???

    Regards from Colombia, south America


  • Mattias

    Thank you for your kind words!

  • I received yesterday cd “Dealing in Antiques”
    Beautiful songs!!
    Keep on!!

    Greetings from Croatia!

  • Mattias

    Soon, very soon. Answers both questions. I’m in a bit of a hurry, really.

  • rshl

    Do you have an album title yet?
    Or when do you think you’ll be able to release the track listing?

  • Mattias

    Sorry for the late approval of this post! I must have been tired when wading through all the spam. Anyway, I hope you ended up coming after all. Cheers, Mattias

  • I’ve been reading your blog with interest and can just about understand all the posts even with my poor translation! I’ll be coming to Helsinki around the 26th November so will be definitely coming along to the gig. M Welsh

  • Tati

    Guys, any gigs for December?? Any venue, just let me know and I’ll be there! Sounds crazy but I’m dying to hear you not from my iPod…

  • Come to México! Your music is just sublime.

  • Vero Cadengo

    I love your job guys, your music is amazing… please come to mexico city in the next tour.

  • Bianca

    wa! Im from Rome, (and my birthday is in october, well.. i know, this is useless) anyway it will be great!


  • Mattias

    Very much so! Me and Ville are coming to Rome in October. Stay tuned.

  • Bianca

    Hi there!

    any chance to see you guys in Italy?

  • Massimo

    I love the music and I’m just wondering if theres any chance you’ll come to Glasgow or anywhere in Scotland?

    Massimo x

  • Sophie

    I’m from Australia and I’ve looked everywhere trying to find one of your albums, but I can’t find any!
    Where can I get one from?

  • Kurt

    Can’t wait to here new songs from you guys. Any single release in sight? Any working titles for the album? Please let us know… we’re so curious.

  • Mattias,

    New Album! it’s great to know.

    Portugal is going down like a boat, seems bad,
    it’s hard, but the hole was there all the time,
    and this, this is a hopefully beginning of something new,
    let the boat sink!

    I’m always with Cats in the heart, and the happy sadness.
    Hopping for the day I’ll see you again live, what a night!
    Hug, Francisco

  • Mattias

    >R: Not very likely. We are busy with the new album!

  • R.

    Any chance you guys will be in performing in germany this summer?

  • Mattias

    Och sorry för att det tog så länge att godkänna och svara. Hade missat detta. Brukar vara alert.

  • Mattias

    Henrik och Christoffer: Ja, det skall väl inte vara så otänkbart. Undertecknad är ju här redan.

  • Henrik


    kommer ni att besöka Sverige något i år? hade varit guld.

    stort fan!

    tack för eran tid,

  • Mattias

    Tack för det, Ida! Skall lägga upp en länk.

  • Ida


    Intervjun med Cats on Fire från Min morgon finns nu på Svenska Yle Arkivet. Ni kan länka till den i stället för Arenan, för därifrån har den fallit bort.

    Bra musik ni gör!!!

    Cats on Fire i Arkivet

    Hälsar Ida Fellman

  • Dear Mattias,

    Don´t know what to say… I read the text on Bio.
    I already love you, now I want to be with you all for the rest of my life.


  • “2002-6-27 Lappträsk Civiltjänstgöringscentralen”, hah, nån annan än jag som minns det där?

    Har ni annars nå nya keikkor på gång?

  • okky w

    please come and play to indonesia..
    i want to see your live show..

  • Wuhuu: Sorry, I don’t think we have any of those left, they are quite old by now.

  • Wuhuu

    Were can I buy your oh so sweet bag with an owl on it?

  • Paul Bickler

    How can you NOT love a band called “Cats on fire”. Great music…keep it coming.

  • the_wronggirl

    I carry no weight but would certainly love to see you at London Popfest. It would be like Christmas come…late.

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