Balloon Competition in Estonia
as told by the Competition Director

THE COMPETITION took place in two Estonian towns, Viljandi and Keila, from August 20 to 24, 2003. We had 13 balloons which represented five countries: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden. Six flights, 11 successfully completed competition tasks, and a special task with no points but a trailer to be won. Weather was on the border of not being usable for balloon flying, but we were blessed with good fortune. The competitors not only flew safely, they were at times able to present competition flying at its best.

What follows is an old-fashioned day-to-day recounting of what happened. It can be read without any familiarity with balloon competitions although its links provide background material that may be interesting to competition balloonists. It is not a public relations piece but a diary of personal experiences.[CONTINUE]

Text and photographs: copyright © 2003 by Risto Jalava
Maps by EOMAP used with permission
One aerial photograph: Maa-amet
Weather maps from Helsingin Sanomat