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NEW: Two Chief Scorers Taking Turns

BFA Scoring Program User Guide
BFA Competition Division
Logger Scoring Software
for Hot Air Balloon Competitions
run according to CIA AX Model Event Rules with observes or loggers or both.
Usable with maps that have one or two UTM zones.

Supports the FAI/CIA Logger: reads igc tracks, recognises electronic marks
and electronic declarations and calculates results, penalties and scores automatically
with one exception.
Applies intrument error correction. Supports declarations in formats 4-4 and 5-4.
Detects PZ violations and calculates penalties for them.
One click of mouse shows pilot's track, mark and goal or scoring area in OziExplorer.
The program is free and the scorer does not need to be a rocket scientist.
Works with Windows editions from Win 2000 to Windows 10.

Updated September 16th 2018  (Hit Ctrl+F5, every page)     
Look first: Install in English Windows  and Test report in short and Introduction to datums and grids

The Competition Division of Balloon Federation of America lets

any event and event official
use the program without charge.

Author of the software: Mike Gilligan 
BFA Scoring 15.26.4 is tested extensively
with non-igc loggers

Use with other than CIA Loggers

BFA Scoring 15.33.6
is tested with CIA Logger and WGS84/ UTM maps

BFA Scoring 15.34.0
is tested with CIA Logger, split map and 5-4 format

Seems to work well also with non-igc loggers

Using CIA Logger instrument error correction with BFA Scoring

How to apply 2D/3D separation altitude

NEW: Starting with version 15.35.22 there is
a task setup option 'crossing' a gridline, without
specifying from which direction the crossing must happen
but use it only for Point A in ELB, LRN and ANG

Ready-to-go events set up and scored with BFA Scoring available for familiarising and learning.

NEW: 15.36.04 tested with igc tracks, 4-4 format and a single zone UTM map.

BFA Scoring 15.35.23. I have tested it to my satisfaction with igc tracks,  4-4 format and a single zone UTMt map

BFA Scoring 15.34.22.  I have tested it to my satisfaction with igc tracks,  5-4 format and a split map

Template for Bare Bones Markers Only event
Print a form for Target Teams
Avoid downgrading in middle of the event

BFA Dangerous Flying Detector 1.7.5
Useful tool for Safety Officers, too

Report failing link