A Blind Marathon

Topaz - A Blind Marathon.zip (157k)

Release date: 29.4.1993 (Light And Phenomena Party - Gothenburg/Sweden)
Screen capture: 'Intro'
This demo took part in the demo competition at the party. 24 demos showed at the competition and the arrangers chose 10 to be shown. We and three other Finnish groups got the honor to be shown on the bigscreen (Origo, Beyond Force, Extend). I don't know what was our position but Finland still took the lead with 1st and 2nd place.
I (D'Arc) and Scapegoat went to the party place with Extend fellows (Beertour 1)


0) Intro - The Show (code: D'Arc, gfx: D'Arc & Kirk & Scapegoat, Music: HTD)
1) 364 Dot Plotter (code: Caprix, gfx: Kirk, Music: Rage/MSI)
2) Green Plasma (code: D'Arc, gfx: D'Arc, Music: HTD)
3) Fractal (code: Caprix, gfx: Kirk, Music: Deejay O'Neill)
4) Two Fli Stretch Scrolls (code: Caprix, gfx: Kirk, Music: Artline Designs)
5) Streching Dypp-Tech-Tech Scroll (code: D'Arc, gfx: D'Arc & Kirk, Music: Coax)
6) Vector Dot Cube (code: Caprix, gfx: Kirk, Music: Audial Arts)
7) Sprite Multiplexer (code: Caprix, gfx: Kirk & D'Arc, Music: AMJ)

Packing and fixing: Scapegoat