Obdur is a single player game.

Obdur is developed on a Linux (Fedora Core), it should work on other systems too. Obdur is licensed under GPL. Contacting email address can be found from the AUTHORS file.

Current version

Current version is 0.140.
You can download sources for it from here: obdur-0.140-2.tar.bz2 (436K).
SHA1 checksum: dc168ff7a906f0ce1b701c6092c5ab6f0b2bda4e
MD5 checksum: f601b2429c35bbe13e20edf8c89af5d4


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Changes that affect players can be found here: Changelog (914 lines)

Last update on Thu Dec 28 13:07:24 UTC 2006.

Compiling and installing

Obdur now uses the GNU autotools. The supplied configure script depends on pkg-config.

The libfov library is mandatory.

A curses library is mandatory, for example NCURSES and Public Domain Curses (you need only one).

Optionally, if you want to have sounds enabled, you need openal and alut libraries. Here is the OpenAL home page for the openal library, it also has an alut library (freealut).

Because the sound files are distributed in Ogg Vorbis format (.ogg), you either need to convert them into WAVE form audio format (.wav), or install supporting libraries for automatic conversion upon game startup. If you convert the sound files manually, you need to do it after installation. For automatic runtime conversion upon game startup, you need the following libraries installed before issuing configure: libogg, libvorbis and libvorbisfile.

Use the configure script to generate a makefile, build and install Obdur using it by issuing ./configure && make && make install.

To change the installation directory, use ./configure --prefix=/path/to/the/directory/you/want/. For more configuration options issue ./configure --help

Step by step instructions

1. Install pkg-config

2. Install the required libraries:

3. For optional sound, install openal and freealut libraries.

4. Optionally install ogg, vorbis and vorbisfile libraries, to be able to use the .ogg files.

5. Compile and install Obdur by issuing the following commands:

6. If you decided to have sound but did not install the libraries in step 4, you need to manually convert the .wav files to .ogg format. For example using the oggenc: oggenc /usr/local/share/obdur/*.wav


Savegame and configuration files are stored in the $HOME/.obdur directory, the directory is created if it does not exist.

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