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vPhuket is the spectacularly beautiful tropical island off the southern coast of Thailand. Known as the Pearl of the South Cardinals Ken Boyer Jersey , it offers a diverse mixture of outstanding natural beauty, culture, sport, crazy nightlife or simple relaxation. It caters for everyone, of all ages, budgets, and needs, and is one of Asia's most popular destinations.

The breathtaking scenery of Phuket simply demands to be explored, and its variety means you will never get bored. Whether you wish to visit the mountains, the tropical jungle, the stunning waterfalls or sea caves, a number of excursions, on foot, boat or on elephant, allow you to discover the untamed interior. Of course, Phuket is also famed for its sandy, palm-lined beaches and warm blue waters, and between enjoying the sunshine on the beach or the various water-sports on offer, such as scuba diving or water-skiing, you will be spoilt for choice.

As well as the magnificent scenery, Phuket also offers a wide variety of activities that will fill your days. For those interested in exploring Phuket's culture there is plenty to see. A number of Buddhist temples dot the island, the most important and beautiful being Wat Chalong on the southern end of the island. Phuket also has an interesting history, having been located on the trading routes between India and China from the seventeenth century, and subject to competition between European powers for its tin. Old Phuket town still has its colonial architecture and is a must see for those interested in the rich history of Phuket. A visit to the villages of the Chao Leh, or sea-gypsies, along the coast is worth a visit too. Having earned their living in the nineteenth century through piracy or pearl diving, the Chao Leh are now predominantly fishermen, and they offer a glimpse of the other side of this tropical island. Other popular attractions include a trip to the Phuket Fantasea, a unique cultural theme park, or watching Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing. There are also a number of festivals throughout the year that are a mix of celebration and spiritualism for the islanders. And on those days you don't feel like exploring Phuket's rich heritage and culture, there is also great shopping to be had!

If, after packing your days with action, you still have the energy to continue, then Phuket also offers a fantastic nightlife- and again, caters for everyone. Patong is the most hedonistic and raucous destination, crammed with go-go bars, discos, restaurants and bars. It is the home of the Simon Cabaret, a mesmerising and fantastical transvestite cabaret which simply needs to be seen. Just as vibrant, although less frenetic, is Karon, while the areas of Kata and Phuket City offer a more family friendly and laid back atmosphere, with a touch of local flavour. Of course, the morning after can be a little stressful, and a number of Spas aim to rebalance your well being in a serene and calm environment. Failing that, a few rounds of gold on one of Phuket's many golf courses might do the trick.

Phuket can be many different things to different people, being at once energetic, hedonistic, exciting, untamed, spiritual, secluded, relaxing and cultural. It offers you the chance to fill your days and nights with action, fun or leisure, whether through exploration, sport, culture, or simply a day at the beach.
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SEOUL£¬ March 9 (Xinhua) -- The most powerful presidential contender in South Korea's opposition bloc solidified his support scores ahead of the constitutional court's final ruling on the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye£¬ an opinion survey showed on Thursday.

Moon Jae-in£¬ former head of the biggest opposition Minjoo Party£¬ kept a top post in recent opinion poll with 36.1 percent in approval scores£¬ according to a Realmeter poll.

It was slightly down from the previous week£¬ but Moon ranked 1st for 10 straight weeks through this week.

The result is based on a poll of 1£¬530 voters conducted between Monday and Wednesday. It has 2.5 percentage points in a margin of error.

Moon widened a gapcclined 0.7 percentage points from the previous week to 14.2 percent.

Hwang£¬ who is serving as acting president following Park's impeachment on Dec. 9£¬ emerged recently as the best hope among conservative voters because there is no outstanding rival coming from the conservative camp.

The ruling Liberty Korea Party lost public support as President Park was being implicated in a corruption scandal that led to her impeachment.

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