Compostela de Santiago pilgrimage, Spain, March 2009


The 1000 year old pilgrimage to the shrine of St. James in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is known in English as the Way of St. James and in Galician as the Camino de Santiago. Each year, over 100,000 pilgrims from all over the world travel to Spain to walk the Camino, or part of it.


We walked the first half of the journey (St. Jean de Pied Port - Léon) about 470km in March 2009, during off- season. The second part, 380km, is planned for October.



Landscape Panoramas from Ruka, Northern Finland, February 2009


We've been experimenting with stitching pictures together to create panoramas. Here are a couple of great landscape panoramas from the Ruka ski center in finnish Lapland.


They were taken with a simple Canon point-and shoot (A570IS) camera, but the results came out better than expected. You should really view them in slideshow mode to make them justice.


IOM European Championships, November 2008


Eero L. (FIN-45) and myself (FIN-41) had the pleasure to represent Finland. We travelled to Croatia by car, the nonstop journey from Vasa to Dubrovnik took 3 days.

We had pleasant mediterranean weather, 20-25 degrees and mild winds, the kind of weather we have in Finland during summer months. The tide, on the other hand, was a new fenomena for us northerners.


Croatians really worked hard for the event and as You can see from the results, they are very good sailors too. On the way home we made detours to Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden.


Saint Henrys pilgrimage, September 2008


St Henry, the patron saint of Finland, was an Englishman who became appointed bishop of Uppsala in Sweden — or, according to other sources, as a missionsbishop. In 1155 he accompanied the Swedish king on a crusade to Finland and stayed on to do missionary work until he came to a violent end on ice-covered Lake Köyliö in 1156.


According to a legend his bones were first brought to Nousiainen and later in 1300 moved to the newly consecrated Turku Cathedral. In the Middle Ages the road from Köyliö to Nousiainen and further to Turku was known as St Henry's road and became a popular route for pilgrimages.


Hiking and fishing Norway, July 2008


Last week in July, we made a 7 day fishing trip to Troms fylke in Norway. It wasn't Your typical summer weather. The fish did bite despite the grueling weather, but they don't grow big in the small mountain lakes compared to nearer the coastline.








Ruovesi - Tampere kayak trip, June 2008


Starting where we left off last year, in Ruovesi, we made our way south towards Tampere. We covered the 75 km:s in three days. To see photos from our previous trip go here.


Riksgränsen Sweden-Norway, May 2008


Our last ski / hiking trip of the season was to Riksgränsen. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side with lots of rain and snow during all three days. At the same time southern Sweden enjoyed record warm and sunny weather. That's so unfair!


Höga Kusten, September 2007


Having finished Kungsleden and Karhunkierros in past years, this autumn we decided to head across the pond to Sweden and the Höga Kusten "mountain" range. There's a map included so You can follow along.


Ähtäri - Ruovesi kayak trip, June 2007


Pictures from the a kayak trip trough the lakes of central Finland in mid June 2007.


IOM-ranking Wasa, June 2007


Video from the IOM ranking that took place in Vaasa on Saturday June the 16th 2007. The Sailing conditions were perfect, with moderate winds and sunshine. This video was shot from the pier at Wasa Segelförening and consists of races 1 and 2.


Summer Activities, May 2007


Pictures from the first Scandinavian Cup Race in Oslo, Norway. Remember, You can comment on the pictures when viewing them.


Winter Activities, January 2007


As You can tell from the lack of updates on the site, nothing major is happening during the winter months. However, there is alot of work going on in preparation for next season. We're working on two half models and doing some improvements on Henrietta. Here are some photos of Henrietta sailing, just before the sea freezes over, also included are some early pictures of the half model of the Triple Crown.


Finnish IOM championship, September 2006


Here are some of the pictures taken during the Finnish IOM championship in Vaasa. The competition was a success, both days saw beautiful weather and windy conditions. Click here for complete results.


Karhunkierros, Septmeber 2006


Karhunkierros (Bear's Ring) is an 80 kilometer long hiking trail in northern Finland. It took 3 days to complete, the fall weather was really nice, although it started raining on the last day.

Detailed map Hautajärvi - Ruka.


Kebnekaise, September 2006


A fall hike among the most beautiful mountainranges in Swedish and Norwegian Lapland.


Detailed map Nikkaluotka - Kebnekaise.


Detailed map of the whole trip.


Phocéa Cup, March 2005


Some pictures from the Phocéa Cup 2006 in Marseilles, France. The event took place in March and was attended by IOM enthusiasts from all over the world. We didn't place as high as expected but all in all it was a fun event and You had a chance to visit many interesting places and meet lots of interesting people. The pictures of the races are courtesy of Patrick Olympie.


Kungsleden, August 2005


This is the fifth and last stage of the Kungsleden hiking path. The stage is from Ammarnäs in the north to Hemavan in the south. All in all it took the two Martonen brothers four days to complete this 78 kilometer stage in difficult terrain. It was cold and windy but the beautiful and historical landscape made it all worth it.


Detailed map.


5o5 pictures, August 2005


Some nice pictures from the 5o5 World Championship in Warnemunde Germany..


IOM-ranking Wasa, June 2005


Pictures from the Finnish IOM ranking races August 18 2005. The race took place off the pier at the Vaasa Yacht Club.


Building a Triple Crown, May 2005


We built a Triple Crown IOM from scratch during the winter months of 2004-2005.




Family history and pictures (in finnish).

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