Mimis homepages
Name||    Mimi
Like|| Beauty of life
Don't like|| Dishonesty
Hobbies|| PSP, reading, Genealogy
Sign|| Sagittaurus
Colors|| Autumn colors


Garden of friendship

Original artwork
©Bez Boardman
Used with permission.

You have found my private homepage. I'm known as Mimi for my friends in internet, but I'm also
known as Bridgewoods..

If you know me, or want to know more about me - then welcome... otherwise, please step back,
I know you aren't interested of my pages :)

I would like to stay as unknown, especially when we are in the web wide world.
If you are really interested of knowing me, you can learn to know me by browsing my pages.

These pages include my favorite poems, which I've put together with beautiful free linkware
websets (or websets made by me, as Bridgewoods), my paintshoppro-works and a little bit of my

I think, it doesn't matter, where you live, what do you do or how old are you.
You can be friends without knowing all those facts. These pages are describing me - as a person.

Just use navigate to see poetry pages please.

by leaving a message to my guestbook