And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times,
and strength of salvation: the fear of the LORD is his treasure.  Isaiah 33:6

FORMAT: The following is a Table of Contents for the report "Heeding Bible Prophecy" .  Each heading is hyperlinked to a section of the larger report which provides more detailed information.  There the reader will find relevant prophecies from Scripture and evidence from various sources detailing the actual fulfillment of these prophecies.

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A.  PRICE/SUPPLY STANDARDIZATION (Global Central Bank) - There will be strictly enforced standardization of the world's goods, services and prices.

B.  MERCHANTS OF THE EARTH (World Commerce/European Economic Community) - God will use the European Economic Community to overthrow the economic power of Rome and the religious power of the Vatican. This will occur at mid-Tribulation.

C.  ECONOMIC CRISIS (Redistribution of Wealth/Return to Asceticism) - The wealth of Rome and the capitalistic countries will be redistributed to the poor countries, that is, to the ruling elites of these nations. To facilitate this transfer of wealth, false prophets and teachers will promote asceticism as true spirituality.

A.  BUYING & SELLING (Barter & Exchange System) - During the first half of the Tribulation Period, the ruling elites will rely on the Mondex system; this will be followed at mid- Tribulation with a barter and exchange system, used in connection with the Mark of the Beast, the Six-Pointed Star.

B.  GOLD (Confiscation) - All of the world's gold will be confiscated to be used for enlightenment and to create the "New Jerusalem".

C. SERVITUDE (Socialism) - Worldwide unemployment will provide free manpower for the ruling classes to exploit.


A.  KNOWLEDGE INCREASED (Mystery Schools) - Conventional educational systems will be replaced with mystery schools where students are instructed in the occult traditions.

B.   UNIVERSAL ENLIGHTENMENT (World Core Curriculum) - UNESCO will use The Robert Muller School's World Core Curriculum as the basis for universal gnostic enlightenment.

C.   MEMORIES ERASED (Mind Control/Global Brain) - Universal consciousness will be achieved through psychotherapy and other methods of mind control. Mind control will be used to erase the memories connected with this present age.

A.   SORCERIES (Hermetic Sciences) - The occult arts of sorcery, magic and divination will be universally taught and Satanic miracles will be received as signs from God.

B.   IMAGE OF THE BEAST (Idolatry) - The final form of idolatry will involve the worship of a phallic image erected for the Beast; the image which speaks will be an oracle. 

C.   RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD (Global Ethic) - The world will revert to pre-flood pagan values. 

D.   FORNICATION (Sex Education) - Ritual sex practices will be promoted for all people, including children. 


E.   PHILOSOPHY (Traditions of Men) - The philosophy of this world is based upon occult principles, the basic principle being the divinity of man. 



A.   CHANGE TIMES (New Dispensation) -  At the midpoint of the Tribulation, the Pope and Roman Catholic Church will be overthrown and the Age of the Spirit will be inaugurated under the Antichrist and False Prophet.

B.   SIGN OF THE SON OF MAN (Astrology) - The heavens will be used for occultic divination and planning purposes that will include a false heavenly sign to herald the coming of the {false}Christ. 

C.   HEAVENS ON FIRE (Atomic Energy) - Atomic energy will be misused for destruction of the earth. 

D.   DARK SUN & RED MOON (Sun/Moon) - Solar and lunar phenomena will be used as divinatory omens. 

E.   STARS FALLING  (Comets, Meteors, Asteroids) - Stars will be manipulated to be interpreted as prophetic signs. 

F.   HAIL & DROUGHT (Weather) - The Synagogue of Satan is funding the development of technologies to counteract the Tribulation judgments of drought and hail.

G.   NO WIND (Atmosphere) -  The atmosphere and jet stream will be manipulated through the use of electromagnetic weapons. The electromagnetic grid which connected Atlantis with Hades is being recreated above the earth's surface.

H.   SOLAR HEAT (Solar Flares/Ozone Holes) - The atmosphere will be heated to extreme temperatures. 

A.   EARTH DESTROYED (Polar Shift) - A man-made polar shift may be attempted to cause destruction of the earth. 

B.   CITIES DESTROYED (Wilderness Project) - The Wildlands Project is designed to return earth to a pre-flood state.

C.   LAND DIVIDED (Bioregions) - The world's ten planned regions will be subdivided into bioregions. The idea behind dividing the world into bioregions is to entrust management of the land to the indigenous pagan tribes.

D.   HIGH PLACES / GROVES (Sacred Sites/Ley Lines/World Heritage Sites) - Reactivated magnetized areas, called sacred sites (including the Old Testament 'high places') will be used for occult initiations and Hermetic miracles. 

E.   EARTHQUAKES (Manmade) - Manmade earthquakes will destabilize the earth. 

F.   BURNING MOUNTAINS (Volcanoes) - Volcanoes will be awakened through the deposition of electromagnetic energy. 

G.  GARDEN OF EDEN (Atlantis) - The pre-flood world known as Atlantis will be recreated and promoted as the Garden of Eden. Demonic beings will present themselves as reincarnated Atlantean high priests and priestesses.

H.  HIDING PLACES / MOUNTAINS (Underground Cities) - Cities have been built under mountains as shelters for the elite during the Tribulation judgments. 

I.  THE ABYSS / HELL (Hollow Earth/Hades) - The Synagogue of Satan will promote the interior of the earth as Paradise instead of Hell.

A.   NO SEA / ISLANDS (Tidal Waves/Hurricanes) - All sea life and islands will be destroyed. 

B.   WATER OF LIFE (Sacred Lakes/Rivers) - Fresh water lakes and rivers will be used as sacred sites for occult rituals. 

C.   RIVER OF LIFE (Temple Mount Flood) - When the Jews flee from Jerusalem, Satan will attempt to destroy them with a flood flowing from the Temple Mount down to the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. 

A.   FAMINE - (Genetic Engineering) Genetic engineering of crops will cause famine.

B.   TREE OF LIFE (Transgenic Trees) - Genetic engineers will attempt to create a false "tree of life" for the healing of the nations.

C.   ABSTAIN FROM MEAT (Vegetarianism) - Mankind will revert to a pre-flood vegetarian diet in the gnostic belief that flesh is evil.

D.    DOCILE ANIMALS  (Transgenic Animals) - Genetic engineering of animals will disrupt their reproduction and make them either docile or savage.

A.   PESTILENCE / GRIEVOUS SORES  (Biochemical Warfare) - New forms of pestilence will be unleashed on mankind; God will torment with grievous sores those who have taken the Mark of the Beast. 

B.   PHARMAKON / DRUGS  (Alchemy/Holy Grail) - Alchemy will be mainstreamed; gold will be ingested during pagan rituals; elemental metals and drugs used in the quest for eternal life and higher consciousness will result in new diseases and plagues. The Grail Mass will be occasion for reception of white powdered gold as manna and Communion with the promise of eternal life.


A.   WORLD GOVERNMENT / FOURTH KINGDOM  (Federalism) - The kingdom of the fourth beast will be a world federation of 10 kingdoms. The Order of the Temple and the Prieuré de Sion are the hidden leadership behind this coming world kingdom.

B.   TEN KINGDOMS / KINGS / HORNS  (Merovingian Kings/Regionalism) - The world kingdom will be comprised of 10 regions, each governed by a Merovingian king.  These will conform to the 10 kings or gods who ruled the 10 regions of Atlantis.

C.   KINGDOM OF CHRIST  (New Group of World Servers) - The New Group of World Servers is organizing the Kingdom of Christ patterned after the pre-flood civilization of Atlantis. 

D.   MOUNT ZION / SION  (Mount Hermon/Paneas) - The false Christ will rule the world from the center of pagan worship - Mount Sion/Mount Hermon in Israel - instead of Mount Zion at Jerusalem.

E.   SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY  (European Council of Princes/Merovingian Bloodline) - The European Council of Princes, which has 33 participating members - a Council of Nine and Dragon Court - will be the ruling body of the World Kingdom. The Merovingians consider themselves divine because they descended from the fallen angels of Genesis 6.

F.  GOD / CHRIST / SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD  (Council of Nine) - The Council of Nine will be comprised of the Antichrist, False Prophet, and 7 archangels (remaining 7 kings downsized from 10 per Rev. 12:3,9 and 16:13).  The manifestation of this demonic governing body will be the 'Externalisation of the Hierarchy'.

G.  TWENTY-FOUR ELDERS  (Dragon Court) - The Druidic Council of Elders are represented by the Dragon Court which is comprised of 26 members of royalty from Eurasian countries. These royalty, which are connected with the European Council of Princes, will be a false 24 elders plus the Antichrist and False Prophet.

H.  KING OF KINGS (Pendragon/Dragon King) - The Druidic Pendragon, called the Dragon King and King of Kings, will be the Antichrist.

A.  BEAST OUT OF THE SEA  (Pan/Saturn) - Satan will rise out of the cosmic sea to incarnate the Antichrist.

B.   JACOB'S PILLAR (Stone of Destiny) - An obelisk, falsely portrayed as Jacob's pillar, will be "returned" to Israel at mid-Tribulation. The Celtic Stone of Destiny will bear witness to the Merovingian prince as the Messiah and be the enthroning stone of Antichrist.

C.   TRIBE OF JUDAH (Tribe of Dan) - The Merovingians have diligently tried to conceal the fact that the Antichrist will be Jewish.  The Tribe of Dan will claim to be the ruling tribe of Israel, but is missing in Rev.7 which identifies the 12 final tribes. The Antichrist, who will claim to be of the tribe of Benjamin, as well as Judah, will arise from the tribe of Dan.

D.  666 / NAME / NUMBER OF THE BEAST  (Third Adam / Solar Man) - Occultists view the first Adam as divine and the father of Jesus Christ, the second Adam. Since they believe that neither accomplished redemption of the world, they await the appearance of a Third Adam, who will be the Perfect Man. 

E.  THRONE OF DAVID (Satan's Throne) - The Antichrist will be enthroned on a counterfeit Throne of David which will be an omphalos styled after Satan's seat at Pergamum. 

F.   SCARLET BEAST (Red Robes) - The red-robed Druidic dragon kings will overthrow the scarlet-clothed woman (Vatican College of Cardinals).

G.   HEAVENLY PALACE (Mount Hermon Palace) - Hermon means 'sacred'. The Antichrist will have a palace in a glorious, holy [sacred] mountain, which probably refers to Mount Hermon. (Dan.11:45)

H.   SCEPTRE  (Rod of Authority) - Discovery of a manufactured Aaron's rod and its miraculous budding will be staged to 'reveal' the false Christ and his messianic bloodline to the world and to confer upon him/them absolute authority to rule the world.

I.   DEADLY WOUND  (Lance / Sword) - The deadly wound that was healed refers to the historical demise of the Merovingian dynasty which will rise to power during the last half of the Tribulation.

J.   LION OF JUDAH (Lion of Dan) - The lion is one of the symbols of the false messiah. Psalm 22:71 prophetically revealed the enemies of Christ and the Jewish people - the Merovingians who would steal their identity and inheritance during the Tribulation Period. The Merovingians use as their symbols the lion and the unicorn.

K.   PIERCED HANDS  (Cross / X) - The false Christ will have wounds in his hands resembling Christ's crucifixion wounds. The Merovingian kings will also have a red cross tattooed on them. This red cross is connected to the mark that will be given to mankind.  

L.   HORNS / EYES (Horn of the Unicorn / All-Seeing Eye) - The unicorn is a Merovingian symbol of the androgyny and messianic delusions of the Antichrist and his Golden Age. (Ps. 22:21)

A.   LAWS CHANGED  (Noahide / Natural Law) - Noahide Laws will be enforced during the first half of the Tribulation to destroy Christiainity; during the Golden Age, mankind will revert to pre-flood pagan lawlessness.  

B.   JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST (War Against the Saints) - Christians who remain faithful to the Word of God will be charged with hate crimes.  

C.   BEHEADING  (Capital Punishment) - Decapitation will be primary form of capital punishment. 

D.   MYSTERY BABYLON JUDGED (Rome / Crimes Against Humanity) - Mystery Babylon, the Roman Catholic Church, will be judged for persecution of Gnostics during the Inquisition. 

E.   NATIONS JUDGED (World Court) - The Hague Tribunal will pass judgment on the nations slated for extermination.

F.   WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT  (World Judged) - The world will be judged when the Antichrist sits upon his white throne at mid-Tribulation. 

G.   LAKE OF FIRE  (Holocaust) - The Antichrist will create a false 'lake of 'fire' in which men will be sacrificed at the false Judgment in a fiery holocaust. The bodies of Tribulation martyrs will be disposed of in the false lake of fire.

A.   ARMY OF CHRIST  (Knights Templar) - The Knights Templar, aka the Order of the Temple, will embark on another Crusade to take over Jerusalem by overthrowing the Arabs and the Pope. 

B.  WARS & RUMORS OF WARS (World War III) - WWIII at the beginning of the Tribulation will be misrepresented as World War IV at mid-Tribulation.

C.  BABYLON DESTROYED / MIDEAST WAR  (World War IV / Arab Alliance) - Babylon/Iraq and the nations of the Mideast Arab alliance will be destroyed at mid-Tribulation; this will be misrepresented as the battle of Armageddon. 

D.   MICHAEL AGAINST THE DRAGON  (Prince Michael) - The Pope will be portrayed as the Dragon/Antichrist and removed from power at mid-Tribulation by a counterfeit Michael the Archangel.

E.   PEACE & SAFETY  (Disarmament) - Disarmament of the nations will succeed through a false peace program. 

F.   ARMAGEDDON / WAR AGAINST JESUS CHRIST (Star Wars Program) - The rulers of the earth will use the Star Wars defense system in order fight against Jesus Christ at His Second Coming.

A.   BETRAYAL  (Intelligence Operations) - Informants and intelligence agencies will assist in the persecution of God's people. 

B.   BOOK OF LIFE (Databanks) - Computer databases are compiling dossiers on every individual on earth; these will be used by the Antichrist as a false Book of Life.


15.  NEW AGE
A.   MILLENNIUM (Golden Age/Age of the Spirit) - The promise of a false Millennium will return mankind to the pagan pre-flood civilization. The occult Millennium will be known variously as the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, Age of Michael or Age of the Spirit.

B.   SONS OF GOD MANIFESTED (Secret Societies/Esoteric Church) - The Druids / Priory of Sion are helping Lucifer complete his Great Work: a Satanic theocracy headed by the Merovingian nobility.  The Synagogue of Satan views the 'manifestation of the sons of God' as the demon-possessed Esoteric Church coming out of the closet. (II.Tim.3:13)  The Antichrist will be the Grand Master of the Priory of Zion.

16.  NEW MAN
A.   FORBIDDING TO MARRY (Population Control) The forces behind population control will eventually forbid traditional marriage. 

B.   GOING AFTER STRANGE FLESH (Sacred Marriage) - During the Golden Age, the demons posing as extraterrestrials will interbreed with humans as in the pre-Flood era.

C.   CONFORMED TO IMAGE OF CHRIST (Androgyny/Adam Kadmon) - Since Christ is regarded as the androgynous Adam, being conformed to Christ will require becoming an androgyne (male-female).

D.   NEW CREATION (Genetics/Human Genome Project) - Biotechnology will assist in the creation of a new race which is androgynous. 

A.   PURE LANGUAGE  (Universal Language/Symbols) - Occultists communicate through the use of symbols and astrology. The Zodiac will be used to validate the credentials of the Antichrist and False Prophet; the universal language of the Golden Age will emphasize symbols and astrology. 

B.   MARK OF THE BEAST  (Six-Pointed Star) - The Six-Pointed Star, symbol of the Antichrist, will become a mandatory mark in the form of a tattoo in the forehead or right hand. 

A.   EVERY EYE SHALL SEE HIM  (News Media) - The coming of the counterfeit Christ will be viewed through mass media. 

B.   SOUND OF THE TRUMPET / NEW SONG  (Pipes of Pan) - Occult rituals and altered states of consciousness will be facilitated by music of the occult genre. 

A.   SECOND COMING OF CHRIST (UFO/Space Travel) - At the beginning of the Golden Age, the Antichrist will arrive from outer space in a UFO.
A.   RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH (Transformation/Transfiguration/Astral Travel) - The rapture of the Church will occur before the 7-year Tribulation period, but will be perceived as God's removal of the wicked.  The Synagogue of Satan will have its own version of the rapture - the Transfiguration of Mankind - under the guidance of the False Prophet, a counterfeit 144,000 and demons posing as reincarnated humans.

B.   BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS (Vampirism) - Blood from human sacrifices will be used for sorcery and occultic enlightenment. 

C.   TIME OF JACOB'S TROUBLE (Israel Persecuted) - The secret societies will persecute converted Jews for their new found faith in Jesus Christ.

D.  THE TWO WITNESSES  (John the Baptist / John the Evangelist) - The Baal worshippers of Jerusalem will kill the two prophets sent by God to reprove them. A counterfeit two witnesses - the Masonic Holy Saints John - will front for the pre-flood pagan deities, Saturn and Janus.

E.   MURDERS / HUMAN SACRIFICE (Genocide/Eugenics) - The systematic program of eliminating inferior races will justify killing those who do not fit into the New World Order. This will ensue in a genocidal program eliminating 1/4 of the earth's population at the beginning of the Tribulation and 1/3 before mid-Tribulation. These numbers do not include those who reject the Mark of the Beast at mid-Tribulation.

F.   NO DEATH (Cloning) - Man will attempt to become immortal through asexual reproduction of the genetically superior.  

G.   MEN WILL SEEK DEATH (Suicide) - Those seeking to avoid God's earthly judgments will attempt to kill themselves.  


A.   UNITY OF FAITH (United Religions/Interfaith Movement) - The mystery religions of ancient Egypt, Babylon and Greece, centering on the Greek god Pan, will be the universal religion. 

B.   WORSHIP OF THE DRAGON  (Luciferic Initiation) - Lucifer's ambition to be "like God" will lead to Satanism as the final form of worship.  The universal worship of Lucifer under the direction of high adepts of the Merovingian bloodline will involve progressive initiations corresponding to high points in the life of Jesus Christ.

C.   MYSTERY OF INIQUITY  (Gnosticism/Mysticism) - Satanism will be combined with other religions, including Christianity (Esoteric Christianity) and Judaism (Kabbalah), to produce a Gnostic one world religion. Mysticism will be popularized leading many into Luciferian occultism, aka Saturnian gnosticism.

D.   GLORIFICATION OF THE SAINTS  (Divinization of Man) - Belief in the divinity and glorification of man will reach the ultimate in deception with worship of the Antichrist/Satan as God. 

E.   MEN TURN TO FABLES (Mythology) - The pre-flood false gods of Genesis 6:4 will be worshiped as the heroes of the restored mystery religion of Atlantis.

F.   GOD ALL & IN ALL (Union with God/Pantheism) - Pantheism is the worship of the universe as God. The god Pan, who encompasses all things thus making everything sacred and divine, is the god of the coming one world religion.

G.   EXPOSE THINGS HIDDEN IN DARKNESS (Phallic Worship) - In its final form, phallic worship will involve orgiastic rites connected with the obelisk. 

H.   BRIDE OF CHRIST (Goddess Worship/Sacred Marriage) - In the Age of the Spirit, apostates will receive Lucifer will pose as the Shekinah or Holy Spirit who impregnates the Church.

 I.   BAPTISM OF FIRE (Fire from Heaven/Planetary Pentecost) - At the beginning of the Golden Age, the False Prophet will cause fire to come down from heaven to falsely fulfill Joel's prophecy of a latter rain outpouring.

A.  SLAIN FOR THE WORD OF GOD (Bible Revision) - The Synagogue of Satan is replacing the Greek Received Text (King James Version) with the Gnostic Alexandrian Greek Revised Text (modern versions) and Semitic New Testaments. Those who become Christians during the Tribulation period will be martyred for rejecting the World Bible, a compilation of the sacred texts of the world's religions.

B.  TAKE AWAY FROM / ADD TO SCRIPTURE (Ancient Wisdom Texts) - The previously rejected Gnostic writings will at first be added to the Biblical Canon of Scripture and will eventually be substituted for the traditional Canon.

C.  NEW REVELATION (World Bible) - New Scriptures will consist of only the common themes of all religions in order to facilitate interfaithism. 

D.  UNDERSTANDING DARK SENTENCES (Allegorical Interpretation) - Hidden codes and esoteric meanings are 'discovered' in Scripture.  This allows for the the obvious meaning of Scripture to be ignored, for gnostic interpretations to abound, and for acceptance of pre-flood mythologies as having basis in Scripture. 

E.  PRIVATE INTERPRETATION (Dynamic Equivalence) -  The translation of the Greek and Hebrew texts using cultural idioms which reflect occult concepts will facilitate the takeover of the nations by indigenous pagan tribes.

F.  THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL (New Gospel) - During the Tribulation Period, there will come a point when the true gospel is no longer preached by men and God will send an angel to evangelize the lost.

A.   DOCTRINES OF DEVILS (Heresy/Secret Doctrine) - The Secret Doctrine - knowledge which has been kept hidden because of its heretical nature - will be taught openly by demons.

B.   FALLING AWAY  (Apostasy of the Church) - The organized Church will fall away from the true faith into the secret doctrines of the ancient wisdom texts. Modern translations of the Bible have blazed the trail of apostasy.


C.  FALSE PROPHETS & TEACHERS (New Religious Movements) - Working through popular prophecy and discernment ministries, false prophets and teachers will lead many astray through false doctrine, false prophecies and false interpretations of prophetic Scriptures. 





A.   ISRAEL REGATHERED (Zionism) - When Jesus Christ returns, He will regather the remnant of Israel, dissolve the state of Palestine and establish Zion as the headquarters of His the Millennial Kingdom; however, the Zionists are presently gathering the Zionist Jews (excluding the Torah Jews) and, during the Tribulation period, will attempt to destroy the state of Palestine in order to establish the headquarters of the Antichrist in Israel.

B.   MILLENNIAL COVENANT  (New Age Covenant) - God's program is to fulfill the promise of the New Covenant with Israel during the Millennium; however, Satan will try to deceive Israel with a deceptive New Covenant during the last 3.5 years of the Tribulation Period.

C.   EZEKIEL'S MILLENNIAL TEMPLE  (Solomon's Temple) - Jesus Christ will build Ezekiel's Temple at the beginning of the Millennium; during the Tribulation period, however, the Synagogue of Satan will rebuild Solomon's Temple at which venue the Antichrist will be enthroned, claiming to be God, and conduct occult initiation rites.

D.   ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION  (Obelisk) - A phallic pillar will be placed in the Jerusalem temple in order to defile it. 

E.    ZADOKITE PRIESTHOOD  (Essenes) - The Merovingian Priest-King (Antichrist) and the Essene priests, who claim to be the Sons of Zadok, will reintroduce Baal/Astoreth worship in the rebuilt Temple. 

F.   THE 144,000 (Monastic Communities) -  Angelic beings will be teaching doctrines of demons in monastic communities and other ascetic settings.  A counterfeit 144,000 will be presented to the world as Essene monks or Nazarites who have been deified and are androgynous.  (Rev. 7:3-8, 14:1-5)  The false prophet will be a leader of the monastic movement.