We have no confirmed expedition plans at the moment, but a likely
one would be The ligthouse of Utö during summer 2002 if we can gather
enough people for the lighthouse event. Any interested stations we could
work, please drop a mail to

Previous announcements and expeditions:

Comments to our last one at Utö:

We had to move down a bit from our intended frequency because of some nasty QRM
(not HAM-made). Hope we didn't miss anyone because of that. We only managed to work
OH1BS and OH1TN, one DX sounding station was heard but not even the callsign could be
copied. The TX / antenna seemed to work fine, we had 3 amps into almost 100m wire. Hopefully
not because of coupling into nearby objects but the worked stations would indicate this :( .
Thanks for the responses afterwards, better luck for us all next time!
I will put up some expedition pictures here soon. Hopefully I'll find a WYSIWYG html-editor
until that, it's boring and looks boring too to write raw html in Notepad.exe HI!

OH1AH Lighthouse expedition including 137kHz band:

During the weekend August 18-19 OH1AH (The Top Radio Club of Pargas, Finland "TRC")
will participate in the Lighthouse/Lightship activity happening. The main activity
worldwide will be on the HF-bands. TRC will be active on these bands as usual
but has one team primarily devoted to the LF-setup and activity.

The location for our contribution to this event is the island of Utö in the southwestern
archipelago of Finland. The station will be se up in the former radio-room of the
lighthouse of Utö N 59,46,09 E 21,22,03 (C4736).
Maidenhead locator KO09QS
OHC 133 (Korpo)

As some of the club members including myself have been active on the 137kHz band from
time to time since the start in Finland, we brought some LF-equipment for the 1999
happening to see if it was possible to get any signals off the island using only
readily available earthing and structures for supporting the antenna wire.
Testcontacts with Reino OH1TN showed that not all of the transmitter power was turned into
heat so we decided to try again in a more official manner during later years.

The LF-equipment used will consist of:
100W homebrew valvestate transmitter (6AG7 as LC-osc with QE08/200 as keyed final)
Skanti R5001 maritime communications receiver
Approx. 100m of wire as antenna with a max. height of 20m
Antenna tuner consisting of a 500uH Variometer and a step tapped 6mH coil

The LF-activity will be on CW 137.0kHz +/- QRM from 09.00 UTC 18.08.2001 and 24h onwards
with the callsign OH1AH

Crossband operation is not in the primary plan due to limited resources
and the normal HF operation. If crossband becomes possible this will be announced in the CQ
by adding QSX[khz]. The other band would be 80m CW/SSB.

Sked requests for LF are welcome via as there may not be enough activity
on LF to keep our operators alert and awake continously for the entire period :)
We intend to be QRV and calling CQ at least in the beginning of every hour.

QSL:s and SWL-reports via buro to OH1AH. Listeners reports can also be sent to
, all feedback is welcome!

Here are some pictures from the 1999 happening LF-tests (Large, be patient):

The lighthouse of Utö ...Viewed from southwest
Hamschack activity ...working HF in front, LF in the rear
Tuning up the LF-wire ...From the left Tom OH1XF, Paul OH1LSQ, Bjarne OH1YT
The ATU ...6mH step-tapped coil, 500uH variometer and RF-ampmeter