Photos from Finland, 2003-2004                                                     Katso kuvat matkalta!

PHOTO 1: Raimo, Antti, Keijo, Jenny and Johanna (from the left to the right)

The sisters who are leaving for Germany: Johanna, Lea, Saara and Eeva.

Raimo is Saara's husband, Antti is their son (13 years). Raimo has his own small company which works in metal brance. He also knows all about cars and how to repair them. Raimo likes to visit and watch Finnish baseball games several times in summer.

Keijo, Johanna's husband, is working in a company (Avalarm) who installs electrical alarming systems for houses and buildings. Both men, Raimo and Keijo, defenately love old American cars and car sports like formula and rally. Keijo is interested in computers and photographing as well.

Johanna is working in a company (LifeIT) who works in health care area providing them hightec services, e.g. video conferencing services. In her spare time Johanna is some kind of needlewoman and loves cycling, walking...

PHOTO 2: Lea, Saara and Raimo

Lea lives not very far from Turku, in Harjavalta. Her job is in Kokemäki town, where she, as a director of agriculture business, is responsible for developing that area in Kokemäki. In the evenings she studies or sits in the meetings or spend her time at home together with Martti and their three small dogs (you can see two of them in the photo 1).

Saara is working in building trade as an engineer, so, she knows all about   building houses in Finland. If she is not home in the evening, she probably is helping someone somewhere... She has done a great work with youngsters during several years already.

PHOTO 3.1: Raimo and Keijo
PHOTO 3.2 Raimo (again :-)

PHOTOS 4.1 and 4.2: Antti

Antti is very funny young man and loves computer games more than anything else (?). Well, he is an excellent cook as well  :-)

PHOTO 5: The other car we are going to drive to German is this white Chevrolet Chevy Van, it is owned by Keijo and Johanna. It has got a name "MÖHKÖ" and it is very peaceful to move :-) That's why it's so ideal when travelling and camping.

PHOTO 6.1: Johanna                      PHOTO 6.2: Keijo

PHOTO 7.1 and 7.2: Jenny

Jenny is also 13 years old, Johanna's daughter. She is so lovely, isn't she! Jenny likes to use computer (chat, irc, web camera), to play piano and to read. She loves her dog Mimmi, too. Jenny is looking forward to use and improve her English during the trip.

PHOTO 8.1 and 8.2: Mimmi

Mimmi is not coming with us, but she would love to. May be next time.
  PHOTO 9: Martti and Lea     PHOTO 10: Lea again (!)

Lea's husband Martti is working in a large company called AgriMarket. It makes business in agricultural brance in Finland (seed cleaning for certified sowing seed of all spring and autumn grains, pea and rapeseed; large package deliveries). Martti has his own farm, too, and is an expert when discussing about farming, cultivation and all machines farmers use in their job.

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PHOTO 11: The first on the left is Keijo, the one next to him is Raimo. The couple between Raimo and Saara is not coming with us.

PHOTO 12: Johanna is smiling there next to Saara.

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PHOTO 13: Lea is watching if Martti falls down to the water :-)      PHOTO 14: From the left, Lea, Keijo, Johanna and Martti celebrating in a camp.

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PHOTO 15: Raimo is working with power saw.

PHOTO 16: Saara is baking small pancakes to us.

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