I am Ms. Pirjo Jutila from Finland. I breed Whippets and Bernese Mountaindogs under the prefix PLAUDITE. Plaudite is a latin word, and means "applaud". Dogs has been my hobby since the year 1981, when I got my first Bernese Mountaindog, Corinheimo Pikantti "Pilvi"

~ I have also worked in stables. Here I'm with BMD Pilvi and racing horse Repe ~ 



 ~ In agility competition with Plaudite Gentleman Genius ~



I attend very actively in agility, obedience, race- and lure-coursing.  Especially often I attend dog shows, where I exhibit my own and other people's dogs. My first Whippet litter was born in the year 1990 and first Bernese litter in the year 1995

Nowadays I don't have litters very often, I'm focusing more on training with my dogs.


I have grown up in a home where we always had dogs; e.g Finnish Hounds and a German Shepherd. Dogs, and other animals, have been a natural part of my life since my childhood. 

~ German Shepherd Missi and I ~



~ Minni ~



I have one rescue-dog, Minni, who is a mix breed.

Nowadays, in addition to dogs, I also have one cat  called "Karvamato".

This love for animals and nature seems to be hereditary, because my dear sister, Paula is also an enthusiastic dogperson.

~ Karvamato ~