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Males  Bitches

SBIS & Fin Ch
Plaudite Gentleman Lover

Fin Ch
Plaudite Ice Breaker


Plaudite Ice Pearl


Fin Ch
Plaudite Whiteside Ice



Plaudite Ice Beer

Plaudite Key To The Stars

Fin Ch
Plaudite Key To My Heart


Plaudite Key To Fame


Esp Ch & LuxjSg
Plaudite Lovelace Larry 
Fin & Est & Lt Ch, Est W-01
Plaudite Night Sky


Fin Ch, Lure Coursing Ch
Plaudite Night Dream


Fin & Est Ch
Plaudite Night Life



 Plaudite Night Star

Plaudite Power Of Heart


Fin Ch
Plaudite Power Of Love


Plaudite Night Fever


Fin Ch
Plaudite Power Of Mind

Plaudite Power Of Thought


Plaudite Rare Antiquelove


Plaudite Rare First Love


Plaudite Rare Arctic Soul

Plaudite Rare Wild Rascal  

Plaudite Rare Summer Love


Esp Ch & LuxjSg  Plaudite Lovelace Larry
Owner:  Antonio Garcia Bono, Spain
Plaudite Key Flamentanz
Owner:  Miettinen, Sweden