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LCD Controller

A home brew controller unit for the DMF5001NY-LY LCD. This 160 x 128 dots LCD is a product of optrex. The controller unit is designed around atmel AVR AT90S2313 microcontroller

Communication intrface with the LCD controller unit is serial interface with RS-232 levels. The LCD controller is powered by a +12 V supply. The LCD controller interfaces the LCD with a 8-bit parallel port + some control signals. Also +5 V and -20 V operating voltages needed by the LCD are generated in the LCD controller.

The circuit diagram of the LCD controller unit is presented in a file named schema.pdf. The PCB artwork consits of two layers - top and bottom - and it is suitable for home made etching. You can find the copper traces on the top layer in a file named top.pdf. Similarly the copper traces on the bottom layer are in a file named bot.pdf. Also following files are provided here: silk.pdf shows component placement on the board, bom.txt is the bill of material and DMF5001.pdf is the dimensional drawing of the LCD.

Notice that this design does not include an onboard ISP connector. Instead I have used a self made socket adapter that comes between the microcontroller and the socket. For downloading binary I have used pony prog software and a LPT programmer circuit presented by Lancos.

There is also an ongoing sub-project "LCD BLUE". This is the art of a blue led obsessed collegue of mine - Joonas. A sample of "LCD BLUE" here.

All this information is provided to be freely distributed and used at your own risk. This design is only a leisure time hobby of mine and therefore it has not been fully tested and there might be errors. If you notice an error please mail me about it. I'm also interested in hearing about your projects specially if they are based on this design.

So far at least 5 units has been done and they will be used in a PC based entertainment system 'MOK' as a HMI display. More about the MOK here.

Another LCD adventure using a self made PC-ISA I/O card here.







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