Mandrakelinux Stuff by Thomas Backlund

Page updated 2004-07-15 16:30 UTC

Due to lack of space on this site, and the many kernels I have to support, I'll only post nosrc.rpm files here.

Now what does it mean for you as the enduser?

Currently my *src.rpm's automatically build: up, enterprise, i686up4GB, source kernels and the src.rpm

To change (enable/disable) this when you rebuild, you have to use the: '--with' and '--without' switches:
--with(out) up
--with(out) smp
--with(out) secure
--with(out) enterprise
--with(out) i686up4GB
--with(out) p3smp64GB
--with(out) BOOT
--with(out) source
--with(out) doc
--with(out) src

New options:
-- with win4lin
-- with laptop

the 'win4lin' option will build win4lin enabled kernels, and the 'laptop' option will build with laptop-specific changes, currently only make USB support builtin

EX. To build only the i686up4GB and it's kernel-source you would do:
rpm --rebuild kernel-tmb-2.6.7-2.tmb.3mdk-1-1mdk.nosrc.rpm --without up --without enterprise --without src

For a closer description of the above kernel flavours, go to the: The Mandrake Linux Development Community Wiki (Cooker)

And for those that thinks this is too much work!

You can always head over to your local MDK Contrib mirror and download the prebuilt kernels and the full src.rpm from there...

Have Fun !!

Thomas /