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Prof. (emer.) Timo Salmi   Suomeksi  

My professional home page, formerly at the University of Vaasa, Finland:
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Timo's annotated photo albums on Facebook
Starting in May 2016  
Starting in September 2015  
Starting in May 2015  
Solar eclipse at Meteoriihi  
Starting in September 2014    
Playing a tourist in my Helsinki
Ride for a Lifetime 2014
Starting from January 2014    
Starting from September 2013    
Spring and Summer 2013    
Bike riding in the solar system  
Winter 2012-2013     
Some 2012 photos (Spring, Summer and Autumn)     
Some 2011-2012 photos (Winter)     
Some 2011 photos (Autumn)     
Some 2011 photos (Summer)     
Some 2011 photos (Winter and Spring)  
Some 2010 photos  
Long-distance skating  
Colors of the sky  
Colors of the sky, an older collection
Some 1999-2009 photos from Vaasa  
Some 2004-2009 photos from the Helsinki region
Birds and other animals 2004-  
Birds and other animals 1999-2003
Flowers and such  
Doctoral conferment procession and gala 27.05.2011
Timo's Profile Pictures

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