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Timo Salmi's long-distance skating photos at one go

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[Photograph: Timo on ice with skates]
The author of the page going long-distance skating from Gerby harbor, Vaasa, Finland

[Photograph: Skating equipment]
Skating equipment, the essential set

Skates and the boot covers to protect from wet and wear

Note the wind-resistant outfit and the precautions

At it, ten kilometers from Vaasa shoreline out at sea

Using an old, but useful backpack

Watching a Sweden-bound ship near Nagelpricket in the Vaasa archipelago

Thornbushes on an island 13km out

Water rising and freezing on the sea-ice along Kuparisaari in the Vaasa archipelago

Dawn at the Karperö lake, Vaasa, Finland

Skating the length of the frozen lake

A photo by a colleague on Pilvilampi Sun 14-Jan-2007

Long-distance skating on the Pilvilampi lake

Exceptionally smooth natural ice

Yours truly gliding on skates

Another day on Pilvilampi

Ice patterns on Pilvilampi

Long-distance skating on rough, snowy ice on Karperö Lake

Skating on Pilvilampi as early as 21.11.2010

32 km

See the text about long-distance skating 

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