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Prof. Timo Salmi's retirement reply to questions about studies and his study-related web materials In Finnish  

Dear Student, Dear Colleague, Dear Reader, Dear Whoever,

I have retired fully served the 1st of September, 2011, from my professorship in accounting and finance. This is an information page about my receptions, outstanding study-related issues, my teaching material web pages, and my general interests.
  1. I no more have receptions (office hours) for the students. This also goes for email about studies.
  2. The potential study-related issues left over, the unfinished introduction to master's thesis problems and the records, and the question who might be taking care of them and other outstanding tasks, do not go through me. Please be kind enough not to ask me. Redirect your questions to the faculty's and/or the department's study counseling. If you do not have the relevant contact information, it should not be overly difficult to find it from the web pages of the University of Vaasa, Finland.
  3. Over the years I have prepared a considerable amount of web-based teaching material under the http://lipas.uwasa.fi/~ts/opas/ path. Keeping that material up to date is no longer relevant. Furthermore, based on the discussions with the university's Chief Information Officer and a specialist in information technology and intellectual property laws the copyright of my web pages and my teaching materials belongs unequivocally to me. I do not wish to leave freely-available aging teaching material hanging about at the university. Therefore, the public availability of my teaching materials on the net at the university has ended.
  4. I also was part of a program archive (Garbo) maintenance team. That repository is not available any more. Please see the link for information. Do not send related questions to me. Including questions like "Are Garbo files still mirrored somewhere? Or, do you have copies of Garbo files to send to me?". Let me repeat. Please refrain, I am retired. These are no longer my concerns.
  5. I am no more interested in receiving conference calls, journals' submission invitations, offers of professional journal subscriptions, database facilities, financial or such services, etc. Furthermore, I am not available for refereeing submitted papers for scientific journals. I have moved away from my former profession.
All the best, Timo

Prof. Timo Salmi's response to international study application and hiring enquiries

Dear Applicant,

Please do not send such material to me. Neither the university's, faculty's nor the department's hiring are part of my tasks. Nor is handling study applications. Never have been. Please demonstrate the level of your quality by finding the correct target and manner of making such requests without contacting me at all.

All the best, Timo